About WWNS

In 1997, the Nova Scotia Environment made public their intent to allow the on-site industry in the Province to be handled by private sector. When this information was released, various area meetings were held, with on-site installers from within the industry & NSE charting the path for the future development & delivery of the on-site program.

Each area appointed a representative to serve as their spokesperson, henceforth the birth of Waste Water Nova Scotia, whose main function is to provide education, training and upgrading for those persons involved in on-site within the Province. WWNS is governed by a Board of Directors, with daily operations being handled by an Executive Director.

These new changes were gradually phased in, under what is known as the "Roll Out Program." One of the most important tasks, the Roll Out Program needed to accomplish, was the introduction of the Qualified Persons. With the excellent help of NSE and the success of their mentor program, this has been carried out very efficiently.

WWNS has a Memorandum of Understanding with NSE respecting the training, education and upgrading of on-site sewage professionals, and the delivery of information to other on-site service stakeholders and the general public and to provide funding for such activities.

Due to the mutual and complementary interests of WWNS and NSE, and by coordinated action, they are required to ensure:

  • A public-private partnership in the field of on-site services exists
  • There is cooperation between the two parties in providing education for the industry and public alike
  • The mandate of the Department is maintained while working cooperatively with industry.
  • The two parties work together on guidelines, standards and policies to ensure a professional on-site service industry exists and is maintained in the Province.
  • The provision of timely delivery of information and up to date training for the industry and the delivery of public information programs for all Nova Scotians on un-serviced building lots.

WWNS is funded by two means. First of all membership is available to all persons within the industry for a yearly fee of $100.00 which is used to fund the day to day operations of WWNS. Secondly, WWNS is able to access up to one half the amount of any moneys paid to the Department by the holders of Certificates of Qualification issued by the Department each fiscal year. In order to obtain any funds from the Department, a program plan and budget request is submitted each May.  Budget money is for the delivery of education, training and upgrading and cannot be used to run the day to day operation of WWNS.