Training Information

Professional Training Programs


Installer & Qualified Person Training
Beginning May 1st, 2016 persons interested in Installer or Qualified Person  training should contact WWNS to register for the training. Please complete the Training Information form below and return to the office of WWNS to be added to the contact list for training.


The training is offered periodically throughout the year based on the number of applicants. The Installer training is a 3 day course and the Qualified Person is a 5 day course.


After successfully completing the training, the person will be enrolled in the professional development program and may contact Nova Scotia Environment if they wish to become certified.


NSE requires new applicants to have sucessfully completed the appropriate training, show proof of insurance and proof of the minimum required experience level (having been involved in the installation of at least 6 on-site sewage systems and have 1000 hours experience).


Septic Tank Cleaner, Portable Restroom Operator and Bed Flusher Training
Persons interested in the training for these certifications should contact Amy Russell at NSE (902) 424-8130 to request an application package.


Once registered, applicants will be permitted to work under a certified persons supervision for 30 days while they obtain the home study material from WWNS, pay the exam fee and write the exam(s) at a local office of NSE.


On-site Sewage System Re-Inspection Training

WWNS has organized several sessions to provide guidance for indivduals performing on-site sewage system reinspections. These inspections are typically requested by buyers and/or sellers during real estate tranfers.


There is currently no certification for this training and the course is offered for information purposes only.


If you are interested in this training, contact the office of WWNS.