When do I need a certified professional?

Due to the potential risk to public health, most activities involving the treatment and/or disposal of on-site sewage are regulated by the province of Nova Scotia and require a trained and certified person to perform these duties.


There are a number of certifications issued by the province:


A Septic Tank Cleaner certification is required to pump, repair or modify a septic tank, holding tank or vault privy; pump portable restrooms or clean a disposal system using pressurized water or air (bed flushing).


An Installer certification is required to install or modify a system. This would included repairing any damage which may have occured to piping or bed materials,  including erosion.


A Qualified Person certification is required to select a new or replacement on-site sewage system (up to 4 bedroom house - flows 1500 liters per day), assess a lots suitability to support a system when subdividing land or assess the suitability of an existing system for a proposed use when reconnecting power to a property, applying for building permits, etc.


A Professional Engineer may perform the duties of a Qualified Person as well as design a system for larger residential or commercial flows, malfunction replacements for systems where regulations cannot be met and systems utilizing advanced treatment units.


While Nova Scotia currently does not require a certification for persons undertaking an inspection of an on site sewage system during a real estate transaction, Waste Water Nova Scotia recommends that only trained and certified persons perform this task.